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Jacksonville Nonprofits - Mayor’s Strategic Partnerships Initiative Award

Mayor’s Strategic Partnerships Initiative Award

The Mayor’s Strategic Partnerships Initiative Award is an annual recognition award sponsored by the City of Jacksonville with the purpose of showcasing excellence in partnerships that have both transformed the relationship between sectors and led to measurable benefits for low-and moderate-income individuals and families in Jacksonville. This award highlights the power of collective impact that can be achieved through strategic partnerships.

Awardees are selected by an independent jury panel for completed or ongoing initiatives that are executed in collaboration with cross-sector community partners. The application should be submitted by the lead 501(c)3 applicant, and the agency must be in good standing with their philanthropic and government partners. Please note: this award was previously named the COJ/HUD Public-Philanthropic Initiative Award.
The application period for the Mayor’s Strategic Partnerships Initiative Award is currently closed. Sign up here for the Nonprofit Gateway newsletter to receive important information about the award as well as general Nonprofit Gateway news and information.

Previous Awardees:
  • 2022 Awardees
    • Don't Miss A Beat
    • Duval Safety Net Collaborative
    • Early Learning Coalition of Duval
  • 2021 Awardees
    • MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation
    • Operation New Hope
    • Sulzbacher

2022 Application Materials:

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