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Jacksonville Nonprofits - Public Service Grants

Public Service Grant Program (PSG)

PSGs are available to nonprofits that serve categories of Most Vulnerable Persons and/or Needs.  Most Vulnerable Persons and/or Needs are groups of citizens or the common needs and traits requiring services from Requesting Agencies, whose needs have justified priority consideration over other deserving populations or groups in competition for City funding.  For example only, a category of Most Vulnerable Persons and/or Needs may include elderly, low-income residents or individuals with particular public safety, medical or social needs, or a particular need such as housing for homeless persons.  The PSG Council assesses the needs of the community and recommends the categories of Most Vulnerable Persons and/or Needs for the upcoming fiscal year.  Click here for more information.

Steps to applying for PSG funding:

  1. Attend a mandatory training workshop in the month of May and receive the Mandatory Application Workshop certificate
  2. Take advantage of the courtesy review period
  3. Submit your application
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