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Jacksonville Nonprofits - City of Jacksonville Contacts

City of Jacksonville Contacts

Click on the title below to see more information on that division, office or program. 

Office of the Mayor

Dr. Tracye Polson
Director of Strategic Partnerships
(904) 255-5030

Disabled Services Division

(904) 255-5466

Emergency Assistance Program

Martha Hemphil, Program Manager
(904) 630-3520

Housing and Community Development Division
(904) 255-8200

Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (HVRP)

(904) 255-5550

Kids Hope Alliance (KHA)

Click here to view KHA Staff Contact Info.

Mental Health Services

Will Evans, Human Services Planner III
(904) 255-3328

Office of Grants & Contract Compliance

Maribel Hernandez, Grant Administrator

Public Service Grants

John, (904) 255-8202
Ashleigh, (904) 255-8638
Terry (904) 255-8221)
Willie (904) 255-5160

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Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Procurement Division General Number
(904) 255-8800

Ryan White, HIV Health Services

Sandy Arts, Program Manager
(904) 630-3957

Senior Services Division

Gloria Crawford, Chief of Senior Services
(904) 630-3410

Social Services Division

Johnnetta Moore, Chief of Social Services
(904) 630-0696

Substance Abuse Services

Will Evans, Human Services Planner III
(904) 255-3328

Veteran Social Services

(904) 255-5550

Victim Services

Charnetta Dawston, Program Manager 
(904) 255-3388

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