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Jacksonville Nonprofits - Community Development Block Grants

Community Development Block Grants

The Community Development Block Grant ("CDBG") program offers flexibility in program activities.  Grantees are able to select activities that best meet the needs of the community, in accordance with the national objectives and other requirements of the CDBG Program. CDBG funds may be used for Public Services grant activities such as job training and employment services, health care and substance abuse services, child care, crime prevention, and fair housing counseling. CDBG funds may be used for the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or installation of public improvements or public facilities.  Click here to visit HUD's webpage for more information on CDBG programs.   

The City's Housing and Community Development Division within the Neighborhoods Department administers the Community Development Block Grant ("CDBG") program that is awarded annually to the City of Jacksonville through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD"). 

Each year, the City of Jacksonville hosts Mandatory Technical Assistance and Budget Workshops in late November/early December and the applications are available from early December to early January. Click here to learn more about the City's Community Development Programs. 

Steps to applying for CDBG funding:

  1. Attend a mandatory technical assistance and budget workshop.
  2. Submit your Universal Grant Application. Applications will be available onlline at under the 2023-2024 Federal Grant Application section.

2022 COJ Subrecipient Training Guide to CDBG Public Services Activities:

COJ Subrecipient Training Guide to CDBG Public Facility Projects:

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