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Jacksonville Nonprofits - Community Goals Framework

Jacksonville Community Goals Framework

Jacksonville is a strong, civic-minded community that values partnerships and collaboration to create impact. With increasing community needs and stretched resources, communities must effectively leverage the human, fiscal, social, and political capital of municipalities, philanthropy, the public and private sectors to set goals, measure progress and improve our community. 

To ensure the alignment of public, private and philanthropic investments, the Strategic Partnerships Steering Committee developed the Community Goals Framework to create a common language that all sectors could use to define their investments. This framework was based off national and state models used by municipalities, national philanthropic organizations and state associations and represents all community impact areas. View the Community Goals Framework PDF. 

In 2022, the Mayor's administration made presentations in City Council's Special Committee On Critical Quality Of Life Issues working groups on the City's investments within the areas of Affordable/Workforce Housing, Homelessness, and Access to Healthcare. These key investments impact community goals three, eight and nine. Click here to view the presentation, and please see below for more details about these specific goals. 

Disclaimer: The City of Jacksonville is conducting an in-depth analysis of the its quality of life investments based on the framework's ten goals and this analysis is still ongoing. The data in the above presentation is not inclusive of all city investments and is only a point-in-time of currently captured funding for City of Jacksonville Fiscal Years 2019-2022. ​

Framework Purpose:

  • Comprehensive funding and partnership landscape, opportunities and gaps inventory, integrated objectives, and universal indicators.

  • Co-creation of the strategy to strengthen the continuum of care system.

  • Alignment of community priorities into a system of strategic outcomes to leverage all community assets for the benefit of its citizens.

The quality of life of our citizens is interdependent upon the achievement of the following goals to create emotional, physical, material, and social well-being:

1. Quality Places: Create and maintain civic assets that activate a sense of community for the benefit of all.

2. Resilient Infrastructure and Natural Resources: Promote resilient and connected infrastructure, support a robust transportation system, and ensure the sustainable use of natural resources. 

3. Vibrant and Thriving Neighborhoods: Enhance neighborhoods by advancing revitalization strategies, ensuring housing affordability, and supporting smart development. 

4. Innovation and Economic Development: Foster innovation, promote economic stability and growth, and invest in a skilled and prepared workforce.

5. Equitable and Shared Prosperity: Achieve a path to prosperity for all by reducing barriers to access and promoting equality and opportunity.

6. Economic Mobility: Foster economic opportunity that leads to independence and self-sufficiency.
7. Quality Education: Provide high-quality, world-class education and promote learning opportunities.
8. Health and Wellness: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.
9. Food Security and Nutrition: Achieve food security and improve nutrition outcomes.

10. Public Safety: Ensure a safe, healthy community and support high-quality emergency preparedness, response, and assistance services. 

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